Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So glad to get back to blogging

Its great to be back writing again...There is so much going on at Classic with style...So many new and exciting ventures. A new university, a new magazine. Not to even mention the addition of 500 new members into our group in the last month. Wow!!! So far things have been working out fabulously. We are all getting ready for the xmas season ahead. The stores are all a busy decorating. I put my trees up today at Taby's P3. I am also so excited that this Sunday will be a fashion show featuring the designs of Ivy Thatch which i sell at my Taby's P3 location. Very busy time now..but yet so exciting. So many new girls wanting to get involved it is wonderful to see. We are all still coping with the loss of our dear friend and fellow model Celina Langer. It's been a difficult month. But we are all moving ahead doing what she would love us to keep on keeping on. We have a new Contest about to start Ms.Too Sexy 2009. We just choose our Covergirl for our December issue of Classic Glamour w/style magz. So the month of december looks like a busy but fun one. I will be blogging all the comings and goings and Classic with Style in my honest way. Maybe even a little juicy gossip now and then. For now you all need to come and see our shows and take a look at the wonderful magazine. I am also allowing reader comments. I love to help when I can so if you have any questions or concerns here is your chance to ask them..look forward to hearing from you all. Here find some nice links to check out...cheers Taby