Monday, December 21, 2009

Survivor Finale

Wow...I am so shocked..the jury really was not good. They are suppose to put bad feelings behind and judge who was the best did not do this..I think this is the first time they really got it wrong...usually I can see why the winner is picked..this was way off. Sour grapes decided the winner...its too bad really...It really gets me mad when I hear people going on about those who lie and cheat and's survivor...that is part of the "game"..doesnt mean you are in real is a game for 1 million..for gosh sakes..Nobody can say they didnt lie cheat or decieve anyone through the some way or another..and Russel made is quite clear to everyone at the beginning he would be doing this, and everything he could to win...if your not gonna do this, then why play?? I am soo shocked..the winner made one good decision, to align with the person who would do her dirty work, take the bullets, and carry her through the game..Russell is so bad they say, but they supported him and propped him up by following his instructions and doing exactly what he told them to..Russell controlled the whole game..every move was his move..i dont think it would have mattered who was next to him, this was a bad jury, who were sour grapes and couldnt look past what Russell had done to them to further himself in the game...This jury was the big Looser this season..Now i cant wait for next season...yay...All stars...I hope Rob is there..thats my take... :)