Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger taking Meds....hmmmmm

Well Ambien I can see, but Vicodin. What is up with that? I had major knee reconstruction and the most I was prescribed after it was Tylenol 3. No Oxicodone, no Oxicontin. What is up with these doc's that prescribes these kinds of highly addictive medication? These are meant for people suffering with cancer and other very serious and painful conditions. Tiger had his surgery over a year ago. There should be no reason at all for him to be taking Vicodin. This points to a problem in my eyes, and taking it with Ambien is just playing with your life and stupid. Both of these drugs suppress your breathing function. This is why so many ppl die when taking these meds. Nobody is talking about why was he prescribed Vicodin??? He played golf not long I am comfortable stating that he had no good reason to be on this medication. Ridiculous. His doctor should be up on charges for prescribing it. When are these doctors going to wake up and smell the coffee?...geeeesssss..



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