Saturday, December 12, 2009 Tiger Woods taking hiatus from golf Tiger Woods taking hiatus from golf: "I am deeply aware of"

Wow. I am a huge golf fan, and I am really sad that he will not be playing anytime soon. Now my prediction is that the media will now turn on Elin. People will now start to blame her for Tiger not playing. I also bet everyone takes a more sympatric view now. I don't think for one moment anyone thought he would give up playing golf. My personal opinion. Golf has nothing to do with the person Tiger is, as far as the cheating goes. If he is taking a break to personally heal, then fine. But, if Elin did bring this up, or, if it is his way of hiding away, then it means nothing, and will do no good. Elin will have to learn to live with the facts here, if she chooses to stay. He doesn’t have to golf, and travel to cheat. It’s all honourable she wants to try for the kids..But in my opinion. Take half and go find someone you can trust and have a real marriage with. Tiger can get back to the game, and stay single, and have all the girls he wants. I wish them all the best. Especially Elin and the kids