Friday, December 11, 2009

Well now all the speculation begins.......about Tiger Woods

Does he need an intervention??? Dr.Drew thinks so....Is he an addict??? Most seem to think so?? Is he suicidal??? Some thinks so. Will he loose all his endorsements?? Will Elin leave him?? So many another opinion is really needed...lool...I think, he should write something on his website..and basically answer all the questions...If he did...there would be nothing more to talk about. Although, the talk is subsiding as people generally seem to think he is bad new now..tarnished and all..and therefore are not surprised at anything coming out now...and frankly now a day’s most don't care..The shock has worn off. I am still really bummed I have to’s still shocking to so many ways..I do know one thing...his first tourney he plays look will be a media circus...seems his fellow golfers don’t even mind dogging him now...I guess he isn’t such a big deal about going from god to dirt all in two weeks...that has to suck...I will be watching that tourney though..for sure...what about you??