Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wow, now it's payday for everyone I guess...

This is such a sad story. I feel so sorry for Elin, Sam and Charlie. Elin is going to have to go through all of this publicly, and anyone who has been through anything like this knows how difficult it is in private much less in public. My t&ps are with Elin, and thank goodness the kids are as young as they are. I personally will be very very surprised if Elin stays with him.
 They may stick together for awhile, reports are he has deposited a large sum of money into Elin's personal account, and he has changed the language in the pre-nup, and I know right now foremost in Elin's mind, and in her decision making is her two children and what is best for them. However, given the number of affairs, hopefully there are no more to come, and the length of them, I don't see how Elin, or any other women for that matter would ever be able to trust Tiger Woods again. Of course, that doesn't mean that Tiger will ever be alone. I mean, there will always be a long line of women who would date Tiger, or even marry him. These types are media hogs, and looking at the lifestyle and money. Unfortunately for Tiger, he has to know that any women he is with from this point moving forward, including his wife Elin, is with him for reasons other than love, respect and trust. Wait, I shouldn't say love. I suppose it is possible, in fact I know it is possible to love someone, but not trust them. So, Tiger will have to go forward, knowing that it will be difficult if not impossible to find anyone who will trust or totally respect him in the future. If they (Tiger and his ppl) are successful in getting Elin to stay with him, he has to lay his head on his pillow each night knowing that his wife is beside him for other reasons, that she no longer trusts or respects him, and may never again. These things can be forgiven, but are never forgotten. I know I really respect Tigers golf game, but I have lost total personal respect for him as a man, as a human being. I think this has shocked the world. Frankly giving the ladies he choose, I am just as shocked that none of this stuff had leaked out sooner...I am really hoping for Elin and the kids sake, that Tiger has, at the very least told her everything, and I mean everything. I hope this isn’t one of those cases where, each day more and more trickles out. I guess I am very disappointed that as early as last week, he was still desperately trying to cover all this up, not to us, but to his wife. Again, I thought he was smart enough, that given stuff was coming out he would have told Elin everything. I wish I could give Elin a hug right now. I know she is likely just broken right now and distraught...God only knows, after her decision is made, everyone will be criticizing that, no matter what it is, there will be those nay sayers on both sides of the decision. I respect any decision Elin makes. She will do what she feels is best for her and her children, not what is best for Tiger. People who have not been through this, I feel should not speak or criticize at all. Unless you have been there, you don't know. God bless Elin, Sam and Charlie, and their dad Tiger too...after all he will always be their dad, and to say nasty hurtful things about Tiger, is to say them about his children too, as he is a part of them. I hope all news organizations at least keeps it clean and honourable, after all one day Sam and Charlie will be able to read all this, and I hope they know that they are the best parts of their dad, and all that is good in Tiger.

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