Friday, January 8, 2010

I am beginning my Blog In honor of Celina Langer a SL resident....

This will be an ongoing story...But to begin...I want to show how SL is not just a game. It is very emotional and you build these relationships with real people.  Celina taught me this. In real life Celina was a young beautiful model from India.  She was 24 years old when I met her in SL.  We became very close...In her Real life she had a horrific thing happen.  She was brutally raped by two men who also through acid in her face and on her chest.  She spent weeks in hospital, we all worried sick, and one day she came on Second Life, and told us what happened.  She went through ongoing surgeries with the complications of having contracted the HIV virus from her attackers.  Even through all this she kept positive and had good spirits and made us laugh.  Then came that dreadful day.  During a finale show in SL she passed out and went offline.  Later she returned and I talked her into calling 911....from there I had my last conversation with my good friend, as we awaited the ambulance.  

Tune in Tomorrow for another chapter of this tragic yet heart warming story of grace and bravery...
ttyl Taby