Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bret Michaels: You dont realise what a person means till a time like this

It is kind of sad it takes something like this for you to realise what a person means to you. I have been a poison fan since the 80's and a big fan of Bret's on the Apprentice, but never did I add him on Twitter or Facebook until all of this. I just pray he fully recovers and gets back to his family first, then hopefully to all of us. I think he has really showed a kinder, gentler, more sympathetic side to him that we didn't see in Rock of Love on the Apprentice. I believe this is where he really won over a lot of hearts. Especially seeing what a great dad he is and how much love he has for his girls. For a moment we didnt see a rock star we truly saw a human being which is so nice to see..I really think he should win the Apprentice not because of all of this, but because he has done the best job to date. He is truly an awesome guy a fabulous and loving dad and a great person. I am just super glad that this was not the ending we dreaded. Although not out of the woods yet, seems he is doing very well right now...Keep the prayers going everyone...
Taby xoxo