Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Story about Todd Palin in is Taby's Take but I want yours too plz

See this is exactly the problem with news (if you want to call the National Enquirer that). At the end of my blog is a link to the story...They put out over sensationalized info that is just so far off that they loose all credability. People need to understand that though unfortunate, the Enquirer is nothing more than a gossip magazine, and we all know how much you can trust gossip..I say if you are looking strickly for entertainment value then read it..but whatever you do, be smart enough to know the difference between credible news and sensational gossip. I laugh when i read it i think it is funny and I never, never, never take it as the truth in any way shape or form, in fact I usually read a story then decide the truth is the opposite..what shocks me is that they are financially able to stay afloat with all the judgements placed against them..If people really have even half a brain they would never just believe something the enquirer prints..most of it is common sence..You know I am Canadian, and follow politics as it interests me, and I feel i should know what is happening in our country and province...and I have never missed a vote yet...but one thing that is the same be it Canadian politics or American Politics or any for that matter...they can be really fact worse than the enquirer...they go for blood...with millions and billions of their own money at steak when you run nothing is off limits and the UFC cant hold a candle to how low some will go

...In Canada I am a registered NDP supporter always have been...I am a I would never vote for Sarah Palin, however...that said i certainly don't hate the women..and I find the more smear crap I hear from democrats about her and her husband and family, the more it pushes me to her direction, after all, I have to say I have never seen Democrats in such a tizzy about any politician in my you have to good is she she really has the dems worried to death thats for sure...this whole todd story is absolute rubbish, just like the last rumour that he cheated and was getting a divorce..oh ya and then Todd was also rumoured I believe to having an affair with Giada Decento..who is happily married to her husband Todd...I mean I have to believe that the wide majority of ppl do not believe this crap...otherwise I fear for the future of this planet if ppl truley believe this crap...the more they try to dig up dirt the more you can tell how desperate they the dems are..they must really think she is a threat to be putting up these wildly outrageous lies...I would never vote for her because i differ with her true values of government..but come on ppl, just for once can we at least pretend we are somewhat intelligent, if everyone boycotted the enquirer for 2 months...dont read it at all maybe finally they would go away as i find alot of their lies dont just hurt those they talk about but it affects alot of their families too...sometimes kids are involved like Sarah and Todd..they have school age kids and this is just absolutely irresponsible of the new media who report on these cilatious lies and it affects negativly on would you like to have to send your son or daughter to school only to be teased and taunted about their dad being caught with a message lady...that is so not cool...and they are kids they have no power to stop this...but there are plenty of adults that can do something...hay if you hate Sarah it dont matter....this could and will happen to many more polititions and the sad part is in all this...that the lay person see's all this..and who wants to run when this crap goes on..and you know the funniest is us...all of us...all the voting ppl who determine who will win elections...and us, the same people control exactly what we believe and we control our actions...So ppl..I think it is time to call on everyone we know..through facebook, twitter, blogs etc..lets begin a campaign to boycott all the rag magazines...if we do it for just one month and for one month they dont sell any they will be forced to change their format, that, or loose it all together...i think its time to take a stand...This type of story makes me happy I am Canadian...and although I am not a Palin supporter I would say this about anyone in this me there time is up...boycott all the rags...we don't need this crap..and mostly because it hurts children, and potential budding elected persons who wont run because of all this garbage...So plz Lay off all the selasious stories..this is utterly rediculous and I really hope Todd sues....ppl wake up and talk politics and policies plz... and plz leave your comments so I can see what you think...

Taby xoxo

P.S. remember this is not a discussion or poll on weather you like Sarah Palin, this could be any polition....we use Todd as a recent example