Sunday, February 13, 2011

Considering a Modelling University In SL...

Check out some of the comments from our January graduates....If your interested Im tabytha1 Baily inworld...

Prior to coming to CWS, I went to a modeling school, cause of it's fee. I learned very basic runway rules and techniques and AO poses and moves. I also came to a show here and was chosen to be in a film...very exciting moment. Through that I met DebbieDoo, you, and Steve. Debbie and I hit it off right away and continued talking... so when I went to my first casting I called her for support. She came to the casting call... and talked in IM with me. She said that I wasn't ready, despite the fact I had graduated from an Agency. She strongly suggested CWS.I joined the CWS groups, and even the Ms. Hawaii 2011 contest, my first photo contest in sl. Then someone im'd me and said, you are in the CWS agency? And I said I'm considering it... and they said not to do it. They said I would be just fooled into thinking I was learning how to be a model is sl. So, I joined the UCWS just to see... I don't like sour grapes (American term meaning bad gossip because someone didn't do well) I like to see for myself. WELL I am GLAD I did!! Yes it is a bit demanding... and yes, it does require putting sl before rl or at least finding a way to make both work. And yes, it is as serious as any online course could be, despite the fact that is in a so-called game. BUT, it is worth it. And, since SL is an immersed society... it is as real as any online learning environment. So, this school fit that standard. I took it serious. I'm glad the instructors did as well. I am glad I met fellow classmates who also agreed. And...I'm glad I didn't listen to whoever that was that had the gull to look in profile, see my group affiliations and offer her unsolicited advise. Now I can put a positive comment in my profile.... and hopefully share the love I found at UCSW.
Would you recommend this class ? ABSOLUTELY!! and already have to a few people.

I am very happy to say I have attended several modeling academy and this that CWS University surpasses them all. The knowledge gained here is awesome, the why things are presented is great. The teachers are so willing to help and have great patience. They understand what I think is important how to be constructive in criticism and how to help you understand a mistake and help you with steps to correct and move on. I know there are things I still need to master better and I am confident that these ladies will always be here to help. I come out of mid-terms and look forward to finals with more confidence than when I started class. This has been a very, very positive experience for me.
Would you recommend this class ? Yes, definitely. I have also told several friends how great this university is and if they are looking for any place to take classes this is the place.
Chloe Panthar

OMG... What can I say, except it was the best thing it happened to me. I am four times graduated, and in the so-called best academies in SL. So-called, yes, cause they teach nothing compared to CWS. In CWS I am learning to gain confidence, the most important thing for an aspirant. No other academy will teach how to have a blog nor how to use an AO properly. In summary -- CWS is incomparable. Period.
Would you recommend this class ? Of course, and that is what I did to my good friend Chloe... lol... who now is beating me fast!
Flora Stipe

It was amazingggg i loved every second. Trainers are awesome, acessible, friendly and verry professional.
They teach verry well not in rush, always with enough time to teach us, even after classes if it's need. That's great. Makes us feel more confident.
Would you recommend this class ?
Sureee I went to some fashion show in other places with the girls, and i got surprised how good we are comparing with professional models, and we still are students. If we are becoming a great models that means that the trainers were prefect :)
Izadora Pelazzi

The whole experience is amazing. The time was tight and the entire course was fast pace but it's a good way to help us to learn about time management and how to balance ourselves with RL and SL. I learned some new tricks and knowledge in SL modelling, photography, and have made new friends. What was really amazing , we worked as a team, helped each other out and practiced together, the result was great. I have never played an online game with all girls in a group and worked so amazingly well together, it really impressed me and this is an incrediable experience. Thank you very much for the opportunity for having me in the class, I really appreciate all the knowledge I learn, new or old (good for review), the great time in class, and the inspiration of striking to be the best in any aspect on SL and even in RL.
Would you recommend this class ?
Meimei Shiu