Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 March Nickle Sparrowtree

I want to express my excitement about winning Ms March, Inside I am elated and outside I am beaming with brightness. I wanted to be Ms November since my birthday falls in novemver, but I was not willing to wait that long and lose out any chance of having any month at all.

I am honored to be Ms March it represents change, old things are passing away and new things are begining to grow and take its place. Daffodils are the flower for march in north america . and they are a very pretty flower.

Each time I am blessed with wining any thing at all , I can only feel humbled with joy that it has given me another opporunity to let my light shine. I am glad to be part of this event, It wasn't that easy getting here. But now that I made it all I can do is smile. Yes I am happy and grateful.

I wanna thank Anrol and Steve for having such an event , I am grateful to all those who helped me to get this far, I didn't do it alone, I want to thank those who told me, there is always a next time and not to quit.

Cws has been a very big part of my modeling career, and Ive enjoyed being here , even when times got rough. I am happy to say , look likes I made it and you stuck with me.
Representing Ms March Ms Nickle Sparrow tree.