Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Business's Saving Big Money In Second Life

I am in the business of setting up companies in a virtual world setting, where training, meetings, classes, experiments or anything else your business needs can be achieved for very little money. Companies are saving thousands of dollars. Instead of the high cost to gather in real life using air, bus, train or car, and the costs to keep everyone comfortable during the meeting, for example meals and drinks, and the cost of the venue and any equipment you may have to rent, you can meet in the virtual world for under 100 dollars at the most, and usually I can do a custom set up for under 50 dollars. I can take care of setting up any business function/Event. Presentations can be viewed via YouTube, or a simple link to your material will have everyone on the same page. Google Docs are fabulous for this. Also to the credit of Second Life, the American Cancer Society is in there and many other charity organizations. The National war museum, the United States Ministry of Defence and many other Government departments are located in Second Life. Many well known companies such as, YouTube, McDonalds, Nike, Converse, Apple, BMW, Porsche, Harley Davidson and HPI just to name a few. Charity events for Katrina, Chile and Haiti have brought in thousands. Countless individuals have utilized Second Life to hold fundraisers for people struck by illness or tragedy. Education is a big focus in Second Life. Many top rated Colleges and training facilities utilize Second Life as a virtual Classroom and training area. Second Life has become the most popular venue for some companies to carry out important research, testing and development of their products, as it is the perfect environment for simulation. Linden dollars are traded on the Lindex and are considered legal currency as they can be transferred out to an account, credit card or PayPal. I will meet with any Charity, Non-Profit group, or company/business to set up what you need in the virtual world. For all your virtual business needs please email me anytime. I can show you the virtual world free of charge that will save your business so much money. I have also been looking for companies that employ persons to do links/posts on Blog, Twitter and Facebook. Send me an email if you are interested in any of these services.