Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taby's Take on the whole Tiger Woods Thing

Ok...I have to speak..I cannot stop myself. At first the jokes were funny..However, now I find myself, when viewing these jokes, picturing Elin sitting in her living room watching these jokes. So for me, I find that these jokes are no longer funny at all. I picture how Elin must feel at the world laughing about a situation that has literally been devastating to her. How must she feel? Put yourself in her shoes..I would be like "wow, everyone finds this so funny, and a joke, but this is my life, and it is ruined, and has devastated me and my children, and ppl are laughing about it. At some point we have to ask ourselves as human beings, ok ya Tiger deserves to be the butt of jokes..But this is no laughing matter for Elin or little Sam or Charlie. I no longer find it funny to mock a situation which has so destroyed 3 innocent victims. It is not a laughing matter...I think anyone who finds it funny at this point is someone who has no heart.
Of course ppl laughed at first..I mean after the number reached 12, I think ppl didn't know anything else to do but laugh...But please..Think of the victims here, and how destroyed their lives are...It’s really not funny. Tiger has some real problems. Only he can turn it around. There are studies that show that this type of behaviour is a trait passed on. Earl Woods is not here to defend himself, and by all known accounts was an upstanding guy for sure. So this is just my opinion, and it is hard to say as he is not here to defend...but I would not be shocked to hear that he too stepped out of his marriage..Not saying he did, just saying it wouldn’t shock me if that came out. Tiger needs to be single. He should not get married for a long time. Elin should go forward, and find someone she can be happy with...You cannot be happy with someone you do not trust..In my opinion, they will divorce before too long...this is just gotten to the point of being something that nobody could forgive. Yes, we would love for all this to turn around and go away...but it won’t. Elin has to think of her and the kids...and this I am afraid is more than one women could bare. I believe they will go their separate ways. I believe Tiger will be at the Masters...and will go on to achieve high marks on the course and for his career. But Tiger is clearly not the marrying kind. He needs to stay single. I am now hoping they do get some privacy and people lay off the jokes in respect for Elin, Sam and Charlie. I think they have been through enough..Jokes made about Tiger will hurt is kids, and that is not right. We all know what he is, and have our opinions..They have all been put out there. I am hoping for a truce now for the sake of Elin and the kids...It is not one bit funny what the 3 of them have to go through now...So please media...truce on the jokes plz.....Prayers and thoughts with Elin, Sam and Charlie.